David Horton

New York

I contacted Jen and her to redesign my website.  A friend of mine who dabbled in websites got mine up and running, but I was not entirely satisfied. I was desperate.


Jen and I had our initial consultation and after a spirited 30-minute conversation we outlines what materials she would need for the redesign and how long it would take to complete.  


Within one week she had completely transformed my site.  In 2 weeks, she had added some initial touches based on my comments and a little over a month after our initial conversation, I had a high-level website with all my marketing materials and links in place.  I was impressed.


Her enthusiasm for her work and for her clients was refreshing and made me that much more intent on getting my site up to the professional level that it should be.


I highly recommend that you contact Jen.

Kelly Schwartz

Jen re-designed my website and took it to an entirely other level!  It now looks so much more professional and is clean/easy to navigate.  Jen is so knowledgeable about what CDs are looking for and was able to bring my site up to industry standards.  She was really easy to work with and finished the re-design so quickly.  I highly recommend working with Jen if you are looking to create a new website or re-design your current one!   

Mike Provenzano

Richboro, PA

I now have a professional acting website thanks to Jen. I was hesitant to use Wix based on my misunderstandings regarding the videos. Jen took the time to educate me which made my decision to switch to Wix an easy one. She took the time to understand my goals for my website and made them a reality. Not only that, she continues to make sure that my website is up-to-date with any Wix updates. I really appreciate the work that she put in to my website

Rachael Ma

Brooklyn, NY

Within 12 hours of Jen updating my website I had an AGENCY offer! Her keen eye presented materials I already had in a much more attractive and marketable way. Wish I had done it way sooner!

* UPDATE: Rachel ended up with two Agency offers in less than 24 hours after launching her website. 

Kimberly Graham

New York, NY

It's 2018 and my website got a web-lift! Thanks to Jen Lyon for mad skills! Let me know what you think! www.KimberlyGraham.net

Christine Verleny

New York, NY

Thank you Jen Lyon for creating my new website. I easily updated it today myself. My husband can tell you that is a miracle. Let Jen design the bones, then you can take it from there. 

Mary Agnes Shearon

Baltimore, MD

Jen did an amazing job on my website www.RealMaryAgnes.com. She created the website with my content but then she has also talked me through how to manage updating it (myself! YAY me!). I am thrilled with the results and I happily recommend her anytime I hear about my friends' website needs. Looking to get a website? Yep. Want to refresh or upgrade your present website? Yep! Her website services are worth every penny. Actually, she's probably worth more than what she charges (but shhhh - don't tell her I said that...oops.) 

Dianne Rothenberg

Avon, CT

Using Jen Lyon is the best gift you can give to yourself- She will not only set you up with the perfect website specific to you, and your brand, she knows what CDs expect AND she will teach you how to take it over....You don't take your own head shots.... You are in a professional business and your site is your calling card to show people who do not know you, who you are.... and she cares! 


Steve O'Brien

New York, NY

If you want your website to look fresh to death, reach out to Jennifer Lyon immediately!!!

I learned a ton from her and she works her ass for you!!

Jennifer Lyon! Jennifer Lyon! 

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